We had tried every brand of seal out there and they did not work - We had so many plugs in the tires. I was searching the web and found ultimate seal, called them and got a pail of their ultimate seal tire sealant. We dismounted all of tires and cleaned them so there was no sealer in them. We installed ultimate seal in the tires and we have had not one flat on that ATV's since we installed ultimate seal tire sealant. We have saved and downtime and overtime. It's the best thing we've done to decrease our overhead.
Brian Morris, Fleet Manager
West Side Mosquito district, California
We have been running a fleet of skid steer loaders for a over 10 years. Over the years we have tried a number of products pumped into our tires to "Stop leaks". Three and a half years ago we began using Ultimate Seal and our downtime due to flat tires has decreased dramatically.
John Coombs
General Manager
I have used Ultimate Seal and prior to that, similar products for the last 30-35 years. Ultimate Seal, in my opinion is the best of all the products I have used. It has sealed the most consistently, stays in place as it was designed to do and is easy to work around. My opinion is based on the use of the product as an air-loss preventative. This is my opinion and not an expression on behalf of my company.
Kelly Crouse
Manager - Kal Tire Commercial
I was losing air from a bead leak and from a nail in one of my rigs (you could hear the air coming out)... Now the air leak is gone. The next day at the end of my run I checked the tire that had been treated, no air pressure loss and much to my surprise the treated tire was cooler to the touch than the untreated tire beside it. Thank you Ultimate Seal...
Ed Janssen
Owner/Operator - Janssen Trucking LTD
We tried a tire sealant brand that was supposed to be just as good as Ultimate Seal but for less money. We get some pretty cold winders (-20 to -40 is not unusual). The other product froze solid in one of our tires at -20 while the Ultimate Seal treated tires just kept rolling without any issues (it recently hit -37 here, no problem at all with the Ultimate Seal treated tires). The other brand was a bit less expensive initially but it ended up costing a while lot more money and time than Ultimate Seal.
Mike Richards
I have been operating skid steers for many years and always carries "plug kits" for on-site repairs. Now that I have Ultimate Seal tire sealant my down time is non-existent and our productivity increased. The extra money in my pocket is a real bonus.
Cam R.
Coquitlam, British Columbia